Monday, December 17, 2012

Mom's Christmas List

Below is a copy of the letter that I sent out to my children.

Dear Children,

Every year you ask me what I want for Christmas, and every year I tell you the same thing -- well-behaved children who love God.  That's what God got on the first Christmas ... if it was good enough for him, it's good enough for me. 

However, I know that you are all quite generous and want to give me more than that.  So here's what I'd like (in addition to the above-mentioned):  TIME!  My lists of what I have to do, what I'd like to do, and what I daydream about doing make me long for more time, not more stuff.

So, be creative.  If you've already bought me a spatula or a book or a $300 sweater, explain how it will give me more time.  Or fix a dinner or fold some towels.  You're not too old to come up with an old-fashioned coupon book.  I'd gladly have some of your time.  I love gifts because they're an expression of the time and effort the giver took in selecting them.  That's why I'm not very good at giving lists.

I can most honestly and profoundly say that having you as children is one of the greatest gifts in my life!