Thursday, April 3, 2008

Currently reading .......

Right now, the books in my Monet book bag are:
Bible (my trusty Thompson Chain-Referenced NIV)
Homemade Money by Barbara Brabec
There's a Business in Every Woman by Ann Holmes
London Mystery Selection
Naked Once More by Elizabeth Peters

In my red backpack are:
Frames of Mind by Howard Gardner
Visioneering by Andy Stanley
College Admissions Together by Steven Goodman
The Ultimate College Acceptance System by Danny Ruderman

On my shelf assigned to library books are:
The Unofficial Guide to Opening a Franchise by Jason Rich
The Official eBay Bible by Jim Griffith
L'Chaim by Susan Goldman Rubin

On my nightstand are:
my cd/alarm clock
yesterday's earrings
my mouthguard so I don't clench my teeth in my sleep.

(I don't read in bed very often. We have a loveseat and a recliner in our bedroom and I'll often sit up and read for a while before getting into bed.)

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