Sunday, April 27, 2008

Spring Cleaning, Part 2

God has been merciful, to me, a sinner! He could have let me wallow in the mess I've accumulated (in the form of books and papers), but He has shown great compassion and allowed me to progress fairly quickly through my first Spring Cleaning project!

I am half-way through the Playroom. Two cardtables piled with stuff have been cleared off and removed from the room. Seven sets of shelves have been sorted, dusted, rearranged and purged. Two large piles of books sit on the floor waiting to leave my house. Three bags of paper garbage went out on the curb. The ceiling and walls (especially the corners) have been dusted and cobwebs removed. The heat registers and the edges of the room have been vacummed. Mmmmm ... it's feeling good.

However, I have four laundry baskets of misc. paper stuff that needs to be sorted and filed. But first, I have to go through and weed out four drawers of the file cabinet. And I have five desk drawers to be cleaned out.

If you add it all up, it comes out to 27, which is 3 "cubed" which is a mighty fine number. I'm thinking I'll be pretty happy when this room is done.

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