Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Garden's In!

After a week of of digging, weeding, crawling in the dirt, crouching down to plant seeds, putting in rabbit fencing and transplanting seedlings .... the garden for 2008 is now in! I'll have pictures soon, but let me tell you what we'll be picking fresh from our garden this year:

Greens: spinach, mesculin, black seed lettuce, romain, endive, arugula; Rutabaga; Beets; Broccoli; Cauliflower; Red Cabbage; Green Cabbage; Cherry Tomatoes; Tomatoes; Leeks; Green Beans; Snap Peas; Kohlrabi; Zucchini; Celery; Radishes; White Onions, Red Onions; Morning Glories; Marigolds; Basil; Oregano; Lavender; Chives; Parlsey; Cilantro

My joints are stiff and I can't get the dirt out of my nails ... both toes and fingers. I love every minute in my garden. Something about crawling in the dirt, being in the sun, and getting sweaty makes me feel alive. Every spring I go over my list of vegetables and plan which ones will be companions and how I will rotate the beds. I want my garden to be beautiful as well as functional. That's why I plant some rows diagonally, intermingle sweet peas with snap peas, and border some areas with marigolds.

The birds in the neighborhood come and keep me company while I weed and water. I've put up a humingbird feeder (they like the morning glories) and a tray of bird seed for the cardinals and chickadees. My only nemesis is a big fat rabbit. I've started fencing in the various beds because of these critters. I tried organic and non-organic smelly stuff and they seem to be impervious to it. I'm sure they're gazing lustfully at my lettuces and freshly sprouted beans and peas. Too bad for them.

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