Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mother's Day

I enjoyed my Mother's Day. I saw someone at the grocery store on Monday and she said, "With all those children you must have had a grand and lively day." No, not really. I didn't aim at grand and lovely for the day. I aimed at sweet and peaceful and hit the mark.

I've decided that Mother's Day is best enjoyed by ignoring the media blitz and lowering expectations. When I was a young mom, I somehow thought that Mother's Day should be payback time for all of the late nights, messy rooms, dirty dishes, sibling rivalry, mountains of laundry, headaches, stretch marks and gray hairs. I didn't want any gifts that could be used "on the job." I wanted pretty things that reminded me that I was more than a nursing, diaper changing brood mare.

Well, that's just plain foolishness. How could one day take care of all that? Especially when the children are all young and can hardly talk ... let alone "rise up and call me blessed."

So, what did I get for Mother's Day? Just what I asked for:

-- I didn't have to fix a meal for anyone. We went out for lunch after church and my daughter fixed supper. (a fresh salad, pasta with a creamy basil sauce, an inventive ice cream dessert that included crushed candy bars)

-- I took a nap after lunch.

-- I got to work in the dirt of my garden.

-- My kids in college and working in FL called me.

I enjoyed my Mother's Day

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