Monday, July 21, 2008

OCD? Maybe a little

I like to be thorough and accurate. Not everything in my life has to be "just so;" just some things. I don't think I'm demanding or high maintenance because I don't force others to comply with my idiosyncrasies. Take this for example:

My English major and Math minor sides of my personality have collided ... I've made databases of my favorite authors with checklists. For example, I have an Agatha Christie table that tells me all her books, date of publication, movie projects (including who plays Miss Marple or Poirot). I have similar tables for Ngaio Marsh, PD James, Colin Dexter and Erle Stanley Gardner. I've also discovered a few British mystery series that I like and have listed them in order.

My natural inclination is to make lists whenever and where-ever possible. But these lists serve a practical purpose, too. When I find an author that I enjoy, I like to read everything I can by that person. I found that I was requesting books from the library that I'd already read. Or a video that I'd already seen. I hate wasting the librarians time and money (it costs to bring in books from other systems.) Now, however, when I go to the libraries website I can have my handy-dandy tables with me and look for just the right books and movies.

I'm really quite clever.

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Themis said...

Please tell me this was not a recent've been freaking your children out with it for years :-P