Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Elections

Now that the dust has somewhat settled (except for the Senate race here in a Minnesota) from the elections many of us are wondering what this new "change" will look like. Can I put in a request? Could we change the attitudes in our own hearts?

Over the past year, I could hardly believe the anger and just plain nastiness coming from all directions regarding elected officials and our government. It's one thing to disagree about policies and strategies for solving our city's, state's and nation's problems. However, so many of us have gone far beyond that. I overheard a woman say how she "hated" a leading city official; she attacked his character with such vehemence that even her friends were uncomfortable.

Is hate our default response when we are ill-informed on the issues, opposed to political decisions, or frustrated with the values of those in office? I'm sure we were all disgusted by the negative campaigning, especially the TV ads that interrupted our favorite shows. What we may not see so clearly is that the grassroots animosity in the population gave permission for these ads.

I can argue and disagree all day long during election season. Once the men and women are elected and set in office I have a responsibility to pray for and bless these people. I can still disagree, write them letters with my viewpoints, and keep my ears open for alternatives. But if I really want to see real "change" in my community I'll take special care about what's in my heart and on my tongue.

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Kristen said...

Good thoughts, Tam. Our communities would benefit from a revival of civility (among other things :-).