Monday, March 8, 2010

Bad manners

I’m teaching a class on manners and etiquette at the charter school my kids attend.  As I was searching the internet for ideas, resources and even pictures, I came across an amusing site: - The World’s Largest Archive of Bad Manners

If you ever think someone has been rude, unkind, or inconsiderate to you, I quarantee you’ll find someone on this site who has experienced something worse.

Whether it’s an issue of “misery loves company” or the fascination of watching someone else’s train wreck, this website has a strange allure.  I’m thanking my lucky stars that no one has left their unruly children at my house until midnight or spit in my food or wanted to borrow my wedding dress before I wore it.

Check out this site for a chuckle and a sigh of relief.

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Tracy P. said...

I love these sites. There's one about people's misuse of apostrophes (had to resist putting one before the s there), and one called "Cakewrecks", and a whole bunch more than I know about, I'm sure. They make it pretty clear that salvation is by grace alone. :-) What a perfect tool for your class!