Sunday, September 14, 2008

Changing Routines is Like Pulling Teeth

School has started and the new schedule is killing me. Not that I was a lazy bum all summer, laying around and doing nothing. I'm always busy doing something. But over the summer my schedule slips to later and later nights. Everyone at our house (parents to the youngest of kids) seems to be up way past our bedtimes and sleep in a little later.

Well, contrary to my personal preferences, the Northield schools start bright and early. It doesn't matter what time you get to bed, the bus always comes at the same time in morning. I can coax a few minutes if I drive all the way to school, but that's not a very efficient way to do things.

As I said, I'm not lazy; I'm more of a night person. Last week, even thought I had to be up before 7 am, I got to bed one night at 12:30 am, one at 1:23 am, and one at 2:21 am. By the end of the week, as my dear mother would say, "my butt was dragging."

So this week I intend to be in bed early. Wish me luck!

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