Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Argentina, Day 4

Monday, October 1, 2007
Dear Friends and Family

The thrust of this conference is to impart revelation regarding making disciples of our towns, states, countries and the nations. (see the Great Commision) Our faith is strengthened by testimonies of people who have walked through some strategies and become prototypes. We’re challenged to think of church differently.

Here’s a concept: think of your own personal circles of influence (family, neighbors, co-workers, classmates, friends, etc). Now, imagine yourself as a pastor of this group. Your heart is to love, encourage, and bring the Kingdom of God in any way that the Holy Spirit makes possible. You pray for them on a regular basis. Now, let’s say we each have at least 50 such people in our lives. Do you know what that makes us? A church of pastors with a congregation over 500! Hmmm. Food for thought.

A key component for us here are the mealtimes. Not only is the food first-class, but the fellowship around the table is part of our faith-building and networking. On the first night we say across 2 men from Cape Town, South Africa. The younger man, Sydney, was laid off from his job in a ministry office, so he washed cars and did gardening for 2 years so that he could stay near the ministry. He’s saved enough to start a ministry within the city. Another man, Nacho, stands on the streets of Los Angeles with a sign saying “Jesus loves you and so do I.” Recently, a man came up to him with a gun. Only, he didn’t want to use it on him; he wanted to relinquish it because he’d decided not to commit suicide. God is doing amazing things, and it’s a privilege to hear these stories.

Tonight we attended an Argentine conference for the citizens of Mar del Plata. They’ve proclaimed that their city is God’s city with the backing of pastors, businessmen, and government officials. They performed a song about Argentina’s prophetic destiny, complete with children dancing and an acrobatic feat. Following testimonials from delegates from our conference and a teaching from Ed Silvoso, they commissioned over 2000 “market place ministers.” Worshiping with other nations has a profound affect on my understanding of the bigness of God.

We’re staying up far too late, and getting up early. Since the maids have turned down my bed and left little chocolates, I think I’ll hang up the bathrobe they have for me and take off my monogrammed slippers and crawl into bed.

Love to all,
Tam (chocolate before bed…a new habit.)

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