Saturday, October 27, 2007

Why 007 Mom?

The obvious reason for the "007" moniker is that I'm the mother of 7 marvelous and fascinating children: girl, boy, girl, boy, girl, boy, girl! And I'm married to a "James," making me a Mrs. James (see the Bond and 007 connection?)

I've never aspired to Super Mom-dom, or even Soccer Mom-dom. I have too many children, not enough money to have my nails done, and am a recovering perfectionist (aka trying hard to be content with NOT getting it all done.) But something about the 007 mystic intrigues me. When my husband introduced me to the Bond movies, my practical side kicked in and said, "That can't happen! That's not for real!" when Roger Moore skipped across the water on alligator heads. I had to consciously engage my willing-suspension-of-disbelief abilities. After that, I was hooked. Apart from the gratuitous sex and violence, these movies are a hoot.

I've found that my ability to engage that willing-suspension-of-disbelief faculty (refer to your college lit. syllabus for a definition) has been a great boon for my parenting. Examples: You want to wear this pair of muddy jeans when??? That crash I heard was what? Your brother just ate what? You want me to have dinner for 30 when?? We have to pay how much for tuition?

Sure! No problem! When you're living in Tam's "007 World" anything is possible. Raising and homeschooling 7 children on a limited income, diminishing energy our and a certain dergree of cluelessness takes a lot of creativity and a certainty that the impossible is achieved if only in our imaginations.

Your neighborhood 007 Mom,

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