Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Argentina, Day 6

Wednesday, October 3, 2007
Dear Friends and Family,

When we travel, I love to go shopping. I usually don’t buy much, but I like to see what stores and merchandise are like. When we were in Moscow, our leader told us to keep our spiritual antennae up and get a feel for the spiritual temperatures of the places. Unfortunately, we have had no time to shop … yet. But I have picked up a bit about the Argentine people. I know that we’ve had limited exposure, but one characteristic I’ve seen with Christians and the hotel and restaurant staff: an incredible graciousness and desire to serve and bless. They possess a greater capacity to honor one another than I’ve seen here in the States. They were almost offended when I wanted to take care of my own suitcase.

The time here is completely filled. Even the mealtimes are potent with spirit-filled fellowship and more testimonies. Because we ask the Lord to direct our days, we can be free to go to the meetings, have personal quiet time, nap, shop, etc. If we could only approach our days more simply ask God, “What would you have me do, today?”

Tonight at dinner we sat with a man, Simon, from South Africa. This was his first time out of his country (let alone his continent) and he was sponsored completely by a business man. He had walked for a whole day to attend a Harvest Evangelism Meeting in Cape Town. The business man was impressed by his determination and commitment. Simon pastors a bunch of people from his village, but has to work in a factory because there’s no money for a salary. His greatest desire is to preach on the radio.

All of our traveling between towns and to restaurants has been via “double- decker” buses. They are great fun. The conference has a large number of “security” to guide us poor English-speaking souls. They are so kind and considerate.

What a treat it is to love the Lord in another country!

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