Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Argentina, Day 7

Thursday, October 4, 2007
Dear Friends and Family,

Today is our last day of meetings. Ed Silvoso and others again presented the possibility and urgency of discipling the nations, not just individuals. We’ve been challenged to see our world redeemed and in need of reclaiming. Think about it … if Hitler could disciple a country towards anti-Semitism; if Marx discipled Russians to be communists; if the media can disciple us to be materialistic, selfish and immoral … why can’t we see that the Lord can use us to bring not just people but systems into alignment with God.

In his book, Transformation, Ed writes that Guatemala has one of the highest rates per capita of Christians and yet had a terribly corrupt political system. What’s wrong with this picture?? In the afternoon we met with the other Minnesotans. We heard what God was doing in other parts of the state and shared significant points gleaned from this conference. God really has to do a work to expand our visions and increase our faith to believe that He will bring His Kingdom to the Northfield area and to Minnesota.

We skipped dinner and finally did a little bit of shopping. After taking a taxi, we wandered around a commercial area. A couple of interesting highlights: Dogs make up a part of the crowd milling about the plaza. They aren’t friendly or mean. Actually, they look a little sad. One was even curled up on a beggar’s mat and covered with a blanket. And, you don’t handle or go through the merchandise. They have signs that say “Don’t Touch.” Instead, you say that you want a man’s large t-shirt and they bring out a stack. You select the one you want and pay for it.

Our evening was spent at the closing service for the Spanish track of this conference. Latinos know how to enthusiastically worship the Lord! Not knowing Spanish, I sang along in English or tongues. As part of the service, they prayed for a reconciliation of Jews and Argentines. During WWII, the Argentine government sold blank passports to Germans for gold stolen from the Jews. Mar del Plata was the port at which the transactions took place. What a tremendously powerful evening!

We leave tomorrow, so pack tonight. Though my belly has been over-full for these past days, I feel I’ve only gotten glimpses of Argentina and glimpses of God’s plan for the nations.

Tam (wondering who will turn down my bed and give me chocolates at home….)

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