Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Can't You Say "Yes" to Anything?

This was one of those afternoons in which everything my daughter asked for, I had to deny.

Go to McDonalds for a snack? Nope.

Walk to the Bakery for a donut? Huh-uh.

Rent a movie? No way.

How about a hotdog at Tiny's? I don't think so.

Have just a little bit of time on the computer before I do my homework and practice my clarinet? Do I look stupid ... no again.

About 4:00 when this downcast little girl walked into the kitchen, I hoped she would ask me something to which I could say "Yes!" (Oh Jesus, help her to want something reasonable!)

Mom, can I have some pop? Sure, honey. Do you want a big glass?

The shoulders which had been braced for another rejection straightened. She smiled and relaxed for the first time all afternoon. I'd won all of the little skirmishes with her earlier .... she knew that this was a treat. Then ...

Mom, can I watch TV ........?

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