Thursday, October 9, 2008

Mom of the Year

This weekend I heard, "Mrs. Prichard, you're the greatest." "You're the best mom ever!"

Our family hosted the Gustavus frisbee teams (men and women) for dinner. Every fall St. Olaf and Carleton put on the "Exit 69" Ultimate frisbee tournament. Though they wanted to camp out, they all came to dinner at our house on Saturday. I think I counted 30 of them, including one mom from Illinois and my family of 5.

What did I fix for them? Last year when the Lawrence University teams came I made some fantastic soups and baked sandwiches. This year I was gone all day at my college reunion, so I made a simpler meal: baked breaded chicken for sandwiches, Garden Burgers for the vegetarians, tossed salad, a vegetable/ bean soup, lots of chips and dips, cole slaw and ice cream sundaes. They ate until they were stuffed!

I love having people into our home. And this was no exception. Actually, if you're fixing dinner for a small group, you might as well make it a large group. It was noisy and active! Students took turns on the piano; I think I even heard the conga and tambourine going. In the basement, all 5 of the couches had a napping young man or woman. (needing to rest up before partying that night??) I love it when people make themselves at home. My son had said that the freshman would help with all of the dishes. Since I used paper plates and had the kitchen clean before they got there, I only had to rope 2 of them into helping.

The students were most gracious and appreciative of a free meal in a home. As a gift, they all signed a game disc for me.

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